Hardwood floors are beautiful but it can be hard to keep them clean. I live in a home that has hardwood floors, and I had to learn how to care for them because I could not live with dirty hardwood floors. Luckily, I was able to find a great solution to cleaning up my hardwood floors and it is a simple solution.

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The first thing I did when I started cleaning up my hardwood floors was to go to the store and get some floor mats. I knew I was not going to be cleaning up the whole room so I didn’t really need a mat to begin with. All I really needed was some carpet squares and some carpet tape to cover my feet. The floor mats I bought were the kind that you can lay under your furniture and use to cushion the floor.

Once I was done covering my hardwood floor with these items, I took the time to vacuum the entire floor and sweep it with a stiff broom. After I finished this task, I laid some rugs under my furniture and then went to the garage and put a roll of carpet tape on the floor to protect my car. After this was done, I took off the rug pads and the roll of carpet tape to my living room and got a vacuum cleaner to do the rest of the job.

Once the carpeting was clean and my carpet was cleaned with the vacuum cleaner I used some carpet shampoo to give the hardwood floor of a deep cleaning. After the carpet was totally dry, I went over it with the vacuum cleaner and left it for a few minutes to allow the cleaner to take all of the dirt and dust off of it.

When I was done with the carpeting and vacuum cleaner I placed all of my rugs back on top of my wood floors and went over them with a dry mop. This worked out great and my hardwood floors looked like new.

Cleaning up my hardwood floor was one of the best things I have ever done and it did take some work but I think that it was worth it. I was able to enjoy the beauty of my new floor in a lot less time than I thought I would be able to and I know I will never have to worry about my hardwood floors again.

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