hardwood floor cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Care

With proper care and application of regular maintenance coat, you will receive more years of use out of your floors than refinishing will require. A professional hardwood maintenance kit contains the right tools that you need to properly care for your floors between regular professional hardwood floors cleanings. It also includes a special hardwood sealant that helps prevent scratches and protect your wood floors from further damage.

When the first layer of wax begins to break down on your floor, you will notice that the finish has started to peel away. As it continues to do so, a film of lacquer will form that can actually start to chip away at the finish. If your floors are not properly maintained, a coating that is meant to protect the wood will soon be worn away. The best way to avoid this situation is by applying a hardwood maintenance coat to your floors.

One way to properly care for your hardwood floors is to always take them outside when you go barefoot. This is particularly true if you have children or pets in the home. While the floor may be nice and clean inside, it is still prone to stains. Your floors can become stained from spilled drinks or spills from kids that can be easily cleaned up with a glass of water.

If you use a carpet cleaner that is made specifically for hardwoods, the cleaners will be able to reach all the crevices of the floor and remove the dirt that it has come in contact with. You should also use a product that is specifically designed to clean the carpeting that is located under your hardwood floors. This can prevent the dirt from getting onto your wood floors as well.

The best type of floor cleaner to use on your hardwood floors is a carpet stain remover. You should follow the directions included on the label of the cleaning product to ensure that your floors will be completely clean and stain free after you have used the product.

After you have completed your hardwood cleaning, you may want to give your carpets a thorough vacuuming to get rid of any dust that is floating around. You can purchase a vacuum cleaner that has a brush attachment that will get deep into the nooks and crannies of your hardwood floors. to remove dust particles. Make sure you don’t leave dust particles in your carpets for very long because they can be quite difficult to vacuum up.

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