Hardwood floor cleaning is big business in my home town of Monroe, Michigan. I live on a large piece of land surrounded by a wooded recreational area and many wooded business buildings. Every year I have to replace all the siding on my house from the heavy traffic, snow, ice, and rain storms. Having the right hardwood floor cleaning equipment to do the job well is crucial to doing it properly and cost effectively.

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There are few hardwood floor cleaning near me that have the modern features available on newer models. The heating and air conditioning units that are required to keep the wooden floors clean and well maintained are not always included in the price of the new unit. Many companies will include the hosing and other equipment necessary to heat and condition the rooms as part of the purchase price, not as an add-on feature. If you are lucky enough to find one with these features, make sure you ask about financing options or leasing so you can afford the unit.

Most hardwood floor cleaning near me also do steam floor cleaners as well as shampooers. The carpeting in our living room is mostly upholstered with real leather. My supplier has a very nice selection of styles, colors, and sizings for these carpets. The area is usually kept very clean, but since there are several children in the house, spills and accidents happen from time to time. I have a small steam floor cleaner that is located in the foyer of our home. It does a wonderful job of cleaning up any liquid spills on the carpet.

Hardwood floors are not always easy to clean, but with a steam floor cleaner and some hardwood floor cleaning chemicals I can get the job done. I also use the occasional shampoo as well. The carpet in our home gets many uses, from our kids’ tutu beds to the home office.

In addition to hardwood floors, we have laminate floors installed in our home. Our laminate floor is almost two feet in depth and another two feet out in the hallway. We use a handheld steam floor cleaner on each of the laminate floors at least once a week. Since most homes have hardwood floors in them, it’s not necessary to use a steam floor cleaner on them as often. However, I still want to keep the steam equipment on hand in case someone should drop a glass on a hardwood floor.

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they do require more care than many other types of flooring. I try to spend as much time possible educating my customers on maintaining their floors. I’ve learned that using cleaners like Water Maid, SoftSwim, or our waterless floor cleaner are beneficial. Many people I have taught this simple method of floor care to have much happier pets, fewer pet stains on their furniture, and a healthier family environment.

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