There are many methods of hardwood floor cleaning. The kind of cleaner you use depends on the condition of your flooring. If you’re cleaning a new hardwood floor, use only recommended cleaners for wood floors. Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive solutions.

hardwood floor cleaning

Probably the easiest form of hardwood floor cleaning isn’t really hardwood floor cleaning at all-it’s just spot cleaning. Laminate and engineered hardwood floors were designed to have the same look of real hardwood (and in the case of laminate products, a more even surface of real wood) without all the complications of real wood. Spot cleaning involves wiping areas of your laminate or engineered floor with a clean, damp cloth. Never use a bristle brush or scouring pad because these will ruin the finish and cause damage to the backing. If you don’t see any dust, no stains and no missed spots after the cloth-spotting test, you’re done.

If your floors have stains, use a product designed for spotting. Spills should be rubbed with a non-abrasive cloth, then rinsed. If spills occur after the cloth-spotting test, use a mild detergent solution and a sponge to clean up the mess. Don’t wipe up large stains or pools because these will make the floors look worse. Vacuum up the excess liquid first, then make another pass with the vacuum. Always follow these simple steps to avoid the situation that can make your floors look worse.

For heavily soiled areas, such as hallways, stairs, or areas where food has been spilled, you might consider using a carpet cleaner. These work best on hardwood floors because they don’t leave a residue. A good quality carpet cleaner with a sprayer attached will allow you to reach high places and have the cleaning job finish much faster than manually washing the area.

To give your hardwood floor cleaning process added convenience, consider investing in a steam cleaner attachment. Most come with an attached hose, allowing you to use it to clean high areas that are too difficult to reach. The steam loosens dirt particles and grime and also removes soil that is trapped between the bristles. These steam cleaners work very well on hardwood floors and are very easy to use.

To further reduce the amount of dirt and dust on your floors, invest in a microfiber mop. Microfiber mops are great for hardwood floor care because they are made from nothing more than a fine collection of microscopic fibers. These fibers capture and trap all the dirt and grime that have worked its way into the fibers of the floor, so there is no residue left behind. When you spray a microfiber mop on your floors, all you have to do is a quick once over with the water hose, and the microfiber mop will remove dirt and grime completely.

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