Many homeowners believe that professional hardwood floor cleaning services are too expensive. However, professional hardwood floor cleaning services are available for any budget or any timeframe. The first step is to identify which type of service you need: waxing, deep cleaning, surface cleaning, or both? Professional hardwood floor cleaning services may include a recommendation by your hardwood installation professional or recommendation from the manufacturer.

If you want to maintain the look of your flooring throughout its life, it’s recommended that you hire professional hardwood floor cleaning services once a year. You’ll find that floors with heavy traffic to get dirty faster and require more frequent professional service. If your house has hardwood floors, your floors are probably the most visible part of your home. The shiny, antiqued appearance of older floors can be maintained with regular maintenance. On the other hand, newer floors can appear dull and unattractive if they’re not cleaned regularly.

A simple solution to maintaining your floors is to clean them with eco-friendly cleaners designed to remove dirt and stains without harmful chemicals. In addition to removing dirt and spills, these eco-friendly cleaners can restore your floors to their original shine. Professional hardwood floor cleaning services will not only properly clean your floors professionally, they’ll also deep-clean and reseal the floor after each cleaning to ensure that it’s ready for new hardwood flooring installation. That means that there’s no need to let the beautiful floors develop deep stains that require professional hardwood floor cleaning services to remove.

Professional hardwood floor cleaning services use specialized tools and cleaning products to ensure that your floors are properly cleaned. The most common way to clean wood floors is to use a dust mop or a vacuum. These items don’t just suck up dirt – they stir up dust and carry it away as well. Instead, cleaners spray a foam cleaner onto the floor and work it in. This foam collects dirt, grease, and grime so that it can later be removed with a vacuum.

Professional cleaners also use steam cleaners to remove stains. These devices reach down into the floor and pull out dirt and dust that have built up over time. By using steam, you can ensure that your floors have an even, shiny look. Professional cleaners also use cleaners that penetrate deep into the wood to restore shine.

After the floors are cleaned, your installer can reapply a finish to your hardwood flooring. This finish is designed to protect the floor, make it appear new, and protect it from future damage. By simply applying a fresh coat of finish over your cleaned floors, you’ll have beautiful floors that will stand the test of time. Professional hardwood floor cleaners will tell you that the beauty of the finished product depends largely on the way they went about cleaning the floors in the first place. If your floors were treated poorly, or they were neglected in any way, you can bet that the finish they apply will have a much lower lifespan than that of a professional cleaner who uses proper cleaning techniques.

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