professional hardwood floor cleaning

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning – Tips on How to Do it Correctly

How long does it usually take for the floors in business to be professionally cleaned? – Typically it shouldn’t take more than several hours depending upon the size of the room to be cleaned. It is a good idea to let up overnight to allow for proper drying time to ensure the floor is thoroughly cured. Should you need any assistance with cleaning or with the actual procedure of cleaning it, there are several options that you can choose from. For example, most professional hardwood floor cleaning companies provide a mobile or van equipped with carpet extractors, brooms and specialized cleaning equipment.

A mobile extraction team can come into your establishment and accessorize with the latest in hardwood floor cleaning technology. For instance, they may use a high-powered vacuum cleaner that is capable of extracting dust, soil and allergens that are stuck on your floors. This helps reduce allergens that are airborne and can cause health problems. Professional hardwood floor cleaning services also utilize truck mounted vacuums that have been designed with a brush attachment designed to pick up pet hair and dander. They also use steam or chemical extraction systems to remove dirt, dust, pollen and other contaminants from your floors.

A professional hardwood floor cleaning service can also use a top coat or polisher to protect the floors from scratches and ensure they are clean and looking good. The polishers and top coats can either be applied directly to the floors or by a machine that can spray the top coat on and then shake and roll the floors until the coating is completely dry. Hardwood floors that are not regularly cleaned may have loose or missing top coat which can actually chip or dent the flooring. Professional hardwood floor cleaning services make sure to buff, scrape and refinish all of the floors in the business in order to keep them looking like new.

The first step in the professional hardwood floor cleaning process is the cleanup. This involves removing any furniture and moving it to an area where it can be junked. If you have extra items that do not need to be moved, you can store them in a storage unit until the cleaning is complete. You should remove rugs and place them in an area outside of the cleaning process, so that they are off of the floors. You may also want to block off the garage door so that pets and children cannot come inside of your home during the cleaning process. When the cleaning process is complete, you will be able to move back into your home.

Many people are intimidated by the thought of cleaning hardwood floors because they do not know what products to use and how to properly clean the floors. Cleaning the floors in the correct manner is important because dirt, dust and allergens can easily get trapped in the carpeting and other areas of the home. Using professional hardwood floor cleaning products will make it easier for you to clean the carpets and other parts of the house and reduce the risk of catching harmful dust mites and pollen.

It is also a good idea to have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned at least once a year. Remove any rugs to allow access to the entire room where the floors will be cleaned. Once you are done vacuuming, wash all of the furniture with a vacuum cleaner that is made for hardwood floors. If there are any spills or stains, blot them up immediately. Make sure that you remove all of the cleaning products from the surfaces of your furniture and carpets.

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