Cleaning your hardwood flooring can be quite a challenge. Hardwood floors are beautiful and add value to your home, but they also are highly susceptible to damage and scratches. This makes hardwood floor cleaning and restoration a big job. If you live in the southeast or anywhere where the weather is cold for most of the year, then you may need to clean your hardwood flooring more often. However, if your wood floors are still in good shape, you may only need to clean them a few times each year.

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Your best option for maintaining your hardwood floor cleaning supplies is to hire professional cleaners who use a wet/dry vacuum system. These cleaners use a powerful vacuum system with two tanks: one for the water and one for the dirt. When you vacuum your floors, you use the suction from the wet/dry vacuum tanks to suck up all the dust and debris from your wood floors. While using a new coat of polyurethane coating, you should take your wood floors down to the local hardwood floor cleaning shop so that the coating has a chance to fully dry before using the vacuum system again.

Most wood floors are exposed to daily wear and tear. Every corner of a room gets walked on, so you are walking on your hardwood floors every day. Even if you do not spill anything, the chemicals in your shoes can leave a residue behind on your hardwood flooring. You may want to invest in a quality shoe odor remover that you can spray on affected areas or apply with a sponge. These sprays and cushions will absorb the odor and soften the dirt so that when you vacuum, it will not be as hard on your hardwood floors.

While vacuuming, never ever use a hardwood floor cleaning solution that contains a lot of water. Any solution containing more than fifty percent water is not a good solution for hardwood floor cleaning. If your solution needs to use more water to remove the stickiest soil, you should use the correct type of microfiber.

Proper hardwood floor refinishing also requires some extra care. After you refinish your hardwood flooring, you should let it sit for at least twelve months before installing new flooring. This is because it will need to acclimate to its new environment. If you have any refinished hardwood floors, you should make sure that they have been professionally cleaned first. In order to get the most out of your hardwood floor refinishing, you should also get your home waxed at least three times a year.

It is very important to follow all hardwood floor cleaning suggestions when you are refinishing hardwood flooring. These hints include never using an abrasive cleaner or an oil-based product on your hardwood flooring. You should also avoid placing new furniture directly on top of your hardwood flooring in order to prevent scratching your floor. Finally, you should place rugs over areas that might be prone to scratches in order to protect them. When you are trying to find the best way to take care of your hardwood flooring, you should always remember to keep it simple. Refinishing hardwood flooring can often be very easy and if you take the time to learn the proper ways to care for your hardwood flooring, it can last for years.

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